Q & A

Q: I’m having trouble viewing viewing some of the content on this site. What should I do?
The internet is constantly updating technologies and we have to keep up with it. If you experience any problems with this site, or viewing the videos, please update your internet software using a link below. Please remember you must have a fast internet connection to get the best video playback.

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Video: QuickTime Player

Q: What if I have lots of footage and can’t possibly imagine fitting all my good stuff into 60 seconds?
A: If you’ve got lots of footage, or clips from different genres like drama, comedy, commercials, or spokesperson work, getting multiple 60 Second Demo Reels is the best solution. At the end of your reel will be your website address where viewers can go when time allows to watch all your full length clips. What, you don’t have a website? We can help.

Q: What if I don’t have a lot of footage?
A: Even if you don’t have a lot of clips, 60 Second Demo Reels can put your best work in the spotlight without folks noticing you don’t have a lot of material.

Q: What if my agent wants to make changes to the reel? Are those included in the price?
A: Yes. But please send them a note with a description of the scenes you plan on including before we get started. That way, if they think you should use something different, you can have that discussion with them before the editing process begins.

Q: How do I get my clips to you?
A: You have to get your video transferred on to DVD first. Then simply send them to me in the mail with return postage. By the way, if you still have footage on VHS or other tape media, you should have it all transferred to DVD as soon as possible because that magnetic media degrades over time and you risk losing that footage forever. Search on “transfer vhs to dvd” in your zip code to locate a company nearby. $15 per hour of tape is the going rate. But the truth is, any footage you have on older media like VHS or Beta will probably not look like you any more. You must look like you could be hired off of your demo reel and walk on set looking the same.

Got more questions? Click on the Contact Me page and send it in and I’ll add yours if it’s a frequently asked one.